Meet our Hydrotherapists

All Well-dogs Hydrotherapists are registered with the National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists (N.A.R.C.H) and have the most up to date training in Small Animal Hydrotherapy so that your dog receives the best treatment possible.


My name is Lorna and I have been the proprietor of Well-dogs since 2011 designing the centre specifically for Canine Hydrotherapy.
I have a Level 4 Award in Small Animal Hydrotherapy and will be studying for the level 4 Diploma in 2020.

I believe that our clients deserve the best practice possible in Small Animal Hydrotherapy and as a N.A.R.C.H committee member and Approved Practical Hydrotherapy Trainer I can help ensure that N.A.R.C.H registered Canine Hydrotherapists and Centres are providing a good quality of care and responsibility.
Other relevant qualifications include diplomas in Canine Massage and Canine Behaviour and am currently completing a Canine Nutrition diploma.
I have owned Border collies for the last 40 years and we enjoy our long walks, agility, flyball and of course swimming!


Hello my name is Melissa and I joined Well-dogs as a Hydrotherapist in May 2014.

I have a Level 3 Certificate in Small Animal Hydrotherapy and am currently studying for the Level 3 diploma. I have also trained in Canine Massage and enjoy using my skills to assist in recovery and pain management.


Hi, I became part of the Well-dogs Team in June 2019 with a level 3 Certificate in Small Animal hydrotherapy. I have a background in rehabilitation being a human Physiotherapist for over 20 years, many of the principles of which are directly transferable to the treatment of dogs.

I currently own two cross-breeds who love swimming and agility. In the past I have owned German Shepherds, Border Collies and Great Danes


Hi my name is Amy and I have a Level 3 Certificate in Small Animal Hydrotherapy and been part of the team since October 2017. I have worked in a number of animal related roles including with dogs, especially German Shepherds.

I own two Labradors who love swimming, if they are not in the pool they can be found splashing about in puddles somewhere.

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