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Hope Veterinary Surgery.

' Well-dogs have a great reputation and clients who have used them have spoken very highly.'

Deborah Wragg, Veterinary Surgeon.


'Spike has suffered from arthritis for some time and his mobility was getting limited, he did not want to walk far or sometimes not at all and did not even want to play, he has been to Well Dog Hydrotherapy and Lorna has worked hard with him, he has had 6 visits and he now wants to play and can walk further he can even run up the stairs after our cat Phoebe. There is such a difference in him in such a short time, it is unbelievable.'

Mary Gallimore

Eve brooks


'I would like to say a big thanks to Lorna the difference in Eve is unbelievable I just wish I knew about hydrotherapy before, anyone thinking about it don't hesitate as the results are amazing, she has a new lease of life and more alert as well as reducing her medication her mobility has improved and is a joy to see.'

Allan Brooks


Kai's story

'Kai has mutiple joint arthritis and hip dysplasia. Before he started his hydrotherapy he was in obvious discomfort most of the time, very stiff after resting and fed up with life in general. I really felt I was losing him to his health problems.

Kai had his first session with Lorna back in November 2011. I had tears in my eyes as I watched Kai try to swim, I did not realise how much Kai's body had deteriorated.

After a month the changes to Kai were already happening, less stiff, stronger, happier and more energy. I couldn't believe how quickly he was responding. Kai was on his way back!

Today Kai is an active participant in life. Although I can't make his hip dysplasia go away the symptoms of his condition have greatly reduced. I swim with him now and it is really something to watch him power out with his hind legs as we race for the toy.

Yes, Kai has definatley returned!'

Tania Greenwood


Just have to say how amazing Lorna is. We came to her with Jay our GSD who had been paralysed from a cyst that had been compressing his spinal cord. Prognosis wasn't very good for our pooch but at the young age of 6 we felt that we owed it to him to do everything we could to give him a real chance of recovering. He is now standing, walking, running and jumping although be try to refrain him from doing the latter two too much. He is his own worst enemy and has a few set backs due to him being a complete scatter brain and behaves like he is still only 6 months rather than 6years old. But is most definitely on the road to recovery! So thank you Lorna!! :0)

Fiona Gravenay

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