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Well-Dogs Canine ComplementaryTherapies (L Colley t/a)

14 - Jan - 2015

Offering Canine Hydrotherapy in Cheshire, Staffordshire and Shropshire.


Canine Hydrotherapy in Cheshire

If you're looking for Canine Hydrotherapy in Cheshire and the surrounding areas, why not enlist in the specialist services provided by Well-Dogs Canine Complementary Therapies.

Well-dogs offer a range of Canine Complementary Therapies including hydrotherapy and remedial massage and can help your dog recover from injury, maintain or increase fitness and improve quality of life for elderly or infirm dogs.

Lorna Colley is a fully trained Canine Hydrotherapist and is a registered member of, and regulated by NARCH (National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists). With a Certificate in 'Small Animal Hydrotherapy' and Diplomas in 'Dog Behaviour and psychology' and 'Canine Remedial Massage'.

'Well-dogs' offers a purpose built Canine Hydrotherapy Centre, the design of which reflects current Canine Hydrotherapy methods and good practice as advised by NARCH.
Our 6m X 4m in-ground heated pool with in-built concrete entry ramp enables dogs to enter the pool naturally without the need for hoists, and to swim in the control of the Hydrotherapist ensuring that no poles are used.

A choice of treatments is available and these will be discussed with you and will be based on your dog's needs. Please see our treatments and prices on our facilities page. Treatments are by appointment only and are available Monday to Friday (including evenings) and Saturday.

The centre is close to the M6 exits from both the North and South, located near to Crewe and Newcastle-Under-Lyme, in the village of Betley.

The site provides disabled access and facilities, and ample parking.

A large dog exercise area is available, with local public footpaths adjoining. Please keep all dogs on leads and pick up after your dog.

To find more about our Canine Hydrotherapy treatments, please don't hesitate to contact us today using the information to the side of the screen, or via our handy email contact form, or direct e-mail:

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